K83 The Basic Principles of the Opening and the Middle Game

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Go is played on a very large board consisting of 361 playing points. During the opening phase (the fuseki), there will be perhaps 50 to 100 candidates for a plausible move, and for each of these candidate moves the opponent's many possible responses must also be considered, as well as your responses to each of these responses, and so on. Clearly, an exhaustive search is impractical, so the expert go player needs some principles to guide him in finding the best move.

This book presents those basic strategic principles. The 20 principles presented here will lay the foundations for the study of opening theory in general as well as the currently popular opening systems, such as the Sanrensei Opening, the Chinese Opening, etc., presented in other volumes of this series.

This is the second volume in the new series of Kiseido (2014-15) titled 'The Road Map to Shodan'.

These are the chapters:

1. How many spaces do you extend from your stones?
2. Extend up to 5 spaces from a corner enclosure
3. Extend at least 5 spaces from a large-scale wall
4. How to confine your opponent's stones and how to avoid being confined yourself
5. Split your opponent's stones into weak groups
6. Defend your weak stones and attack your opponent's weak stones
7. Rob your opponent's stones of their base and make a base for your own stones
8. Reinforce widely spaced stones
9. Play on the keypoints of the moyos
10. Escape lightly into the center with heavy stones
11. Don't approach thickness
12. Don't use thickness to make territory
13. Use thickness to attack
14. Drive your opponent's stones towards your thickness
15. Maintain a balance between the third and fourth lines
16. When expanding a moyo, play on the fourth line
17. Against a 3-3 point, block on the side that makes the biggest moyo or territory
18. Defend the territory you have invested in
19. Play urgent moves before building or attacking
20. Settle stones stranded inside your opponent's sphere of influence by attaching

Suitable for 10kyu and stronger.
Published by Kiseido in 2014, written by Rob van Zeijst and Richard Bozulich. 146 pages.

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K83 The Basic Principles of the Opening and the Middle Game

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