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BT05 Level up 5, Lee

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Go series aiming at learing children to play go.
Children from very young age (5 years) are learning go easily with these books
The series contains a website with animations: https://baduktopia.dtrinks.de

Additional Information

Level Up! is a Baduk (Go) series for beginners.
They have been written, edited and translated by graduated students from Department of Baduk Studies, Myongji University. The author Lee Jae-Hwan is the owner of a Go school and has about 16 years teaching experience.

In Korea the books are used as workbook in many private Go schools, one chapter is studied per lesson. Children from very young age (5 years) are learning Go easily with these books.

It introduces the rules, basic concepts, techniques and principles of Go.
The learning contents are divided into many different chapters. One topic, f.e. “false eyes” is not explained once, but continuously different skills are introduced to make the reader thoroughly understand and master a topic.
The explanations are easy to understand, given clearly and shortly.
To arise the beginner’s interest some entertaining components are added: Comics, interactive flash-animations and stories.
Many problems are given to repeat and practice the  learned theory.
The opening can be studied in selected professional’s game records.
The book can be studied by the reader himself as well as part of a teacher’s lesson.
Solutions can be downloaded as pdf-file for free.
General Go knowledge is introduced, like Go history, education, tournaments and professional players.

At the end of the book level tests are given for reviewing and checking the student’s progress.
In the glossary the main Go terms are explained.

Please visit our homepage with the animation lectures at: https://baduktopia.dtrinks.de

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BT05 Level up 5, Lee

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