G32 The Power of the Star Point, Takagawa

Item No.: 100370

From former Ishi Press, reprint published by The Kiseido Publishing Company.
Original print 1975, written by Shukaku Takagawa 9-dan. Reprint from 2015. 134 pages.
ISBN 978-4-87187-032-0

From the backside of the book:
"The sanren-sei, which consists of three stones played in a row on the star points on one side, is the most powerful and dynamic of modern fuseki patterns, yet it is the easiest to master.
He has enjoyed consistent popularity ever since it was invented because of its emphasis on developing a boldm attacking style.

In this lucid exposition, Takagawa Shukaku helps you to grasp its key concepts and shows you how to use it to secure centre influence and build large moyos.
He gives a comprehensive coverage of sanren-sei basics, then shows it in action in top-level professional play.

Sanren-sei strategy is easy both to understand and to apply. The main themes of this opening are clear and compelling, and there are relatively few josekis to memorize, yet by the time you finish this book you will understand why it has been the favourite fuseki of so many great players."

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G32 The Power of the Star Point, Takagawa

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