K82 Handicap-Go Strategy and the Sanrensei Opening

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First volume of the new series of Kiseido (2014-15) titled 'The Road Map to Shodan'.

The subtitle of the first volume reads 'Making the Transition from Handicap to Even Games' and hints at the essence of the book: how to make good use of your (handicap)stones on the starpoints? The book takes the reader through several reviews/guidelines of 9-stone handicap games and eventually makes the transition to even games in which the san-ren-sei opening (3 star-points in a row on one side of the board) is central.

Advised level: 10kyu and stronger.

Published by Kiseido in 2014, written by Rob van Zeijst en Richard Bozulich. 162 pages.

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Information by Kiseido:

The study of handicap go is the natural way to learn how to build thick positions, then to turn the influence of these positions into territory. The handicap stones are placed high on the fourth-line star points, so the black player is forced to think globally. Eventually, the novice will find himself playing Black without a handicap. The easiest way to make the transition from handicap games to even games is to adopt the Sanrensei Opening. In this opening, Black occupies three star points on one side of the board, so the basic strategy of playing for influence used in handicap games is the same. By adopting this opening and executing the strategies outlined in this book, your stronger opponents will learn to respect your moves."

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K82 Handicap-Go Strategy and the Sanrensei Opening

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