S&S37 The Workshop Lectures, vol. 3, Yilun Yang

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Volume 3 contains five lectures given by Yang at the workshop in Lancaster, PA, in 2006. "Playing the Opening" shows how to apply Yang's opening principles in some common situations. "Developments Around the 4-4 Point" discusses how to deal with common situations in a corner with a 4-4 point stone, especially double approach moves. "Punishing Weak Groups Directly" explains how to tell if a group is weak and how to attack it if it is; this lecture also covers Yang's basic guidelines for fighting. "Using Forcing Moves" responds to some players' fondness for forcing moves by explaining how to tell when they should be used and when they should be held in reserve. "Handling Weak Stones" discusses how to defend weak stones. As always, Yang emphasizes the importance of understanding general principles rather than memorizing particular patterns.

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