Go Dojo: sector fights

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Go Dojo: Sector fights

Bruce Wilcox

Sector Fights are battles over containment, be it of a potential territory or a weak group. Sector Fights happen throughout the opening and midgame and their results are crucial.
This 1900 page Dojo installment is primarily about strategy. It supplies tactics as needed (which is often), but that is not its goal. Sector Fights includes: a thorough training in sector lines, attack and defense of groups, attack and defense of potential territory, and the partial and whole board strategies involving interrelations among sectors, including the Great Wall Opening. There are many thoroughly commented games. It is about the length of 7 Go books and helps make sense out of the contents of many of the books already out there by providing you with a proper theoretic context.

This is CD is an interactive tutorial. More than Just an electronic book.

Bruce Wilcox is a pioneer of computer go and a well known teacher of go. He invented many rules of thumb and concepts to guide beginners and weak players.

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