Revelation II with Timeless pieces (Refurbished)

Deze Revelation II schaakcomputer heeft in november 2022 een nieuwe display gekregen en is uitgebreid getest en gecontroleerd door DGT. 

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Revelation II versie 3.14

Ontworpen voor het ultieme schaakplezier.  De Revelation II is de perfecte combinatie van een luxe houten bord met een geintergreerd schaakcomputer systeem. Ontworpen in Nederland door Digital Game Technology en Phoenix Chess System

Het bord, van toernooi afmetingen, is een innovatief DGT sensor bord dat individuele stukken weet te herkennen en zetten aangeeft middels ingebouwde led lichtjes. De groene OLED display en de 6 grote knoppen geven dit unieke systeem een klassiek  besturingssysteem verkrijgbaar in verschillende talen. Completeer dit met je persoonlijke voorkeur van handgesneden DGT schaakstukken.

  • Speel tegen de sterkste schaakprogramma's;
  • Speel met een echt luxe houten bord en stukken;
  • Analyseer je partijen met behulp van de beroemde chess engines;
  • Speel op internet tegen andere mensen;
  • Zend je partijen live uit via internet;
  • En optioneel retro engine emulator.


It has arrived. The Revelation II can be ordered now. No longer an expectation but reality!! It is very pretty and we are proud that we can offer it to you.

Designed for your ultimate chess playing experience Revelation II is the perfect combination of a luxurious wooden chess board and integrated chess computer system developed in the Netherlands by Digital Game Technology and Phoenix Chess Systems.

The full size tournament board is an innovative DGT sensor board with individual piece recognition and inlaid LED lights to indicate the chess moves. The green OLED display and six large keys give this stand-alone system a classic menu controlled operation available in English, French, German, Dutch and Spanish. Complete it with your personal choice of hand carved electronic DGT chess pieces.


-       Play against the strongest chess programs

-       Play at a real wooden board and pieces

-       Analyse your games using famous chess engines

-       Play against internet opponents

-       Broadcast your games live via the internet

-       Optional Emulation Retro Engines

Van de website van Phoenix Chess Systems:

Revelation II chess board is a complete chess system based upon the first Revelation chess board. It is based upon a 800Mhz Xscale processor and produces a chess rating of over 2800 ELO using the world champion programs Shredder and Hiarcs.

The systems primary function is to play against modern age top chess programs. These programs combined with the processing power aboard this systems gives unprecedented chess playing quality. But if you like you can also set the engines to play at levels starting from 1500 Elo. Included are also the emulations of the chess computers back in the 80's and 90's in which chess play against dedicated chess computers was at it's peak. Remember the great Aegon tournaments ?

The historic emulation function is a combined concept using emulation and the classical world champion modules for the Mephisto Series, and as i may say a very succesful one. The emulation will run almost at twice the speed as the original emulations, so in many cases they will run faster in comparison to the World Champion Editions from the eighties (remember the Tournament machines with the Motorola 68030 at 36 Mhz and 2MB Hash?). These emulations are great for the moderate chess players, and in combination with the current engines will give a broad range of chess playing experience to the customers. For the Emulations we have some extra good news. Phoenix Chess Systems has reached an agreement with Ed Schröder, so not only the Richard Lang Emulations will be included but als the Ed Schröder Emulations, and included in the special combination price as well.

The highlights for the system are  :

  • Included is a carrying bag for the complete system, so the Chess Board is wel protected, and can be transported without risk;
  • Fully standalone Chess Board, equipped with onboard embedded Marvell PXA320 high performance processor to facilitate the onboard chess engines;
  • The PXA320 is the fastest processor in the well known PXA/XSCALE series, and runs at 800+ Mhz;
  • The implementation of this PXA320 has a 32 bit wide databus, and a large cpu cache to ensure that the engines will run at their best performance;
  • 128MB of DDR SDRam ensures enough memory for large Hash tables;
  • 1 Gigabyte of Flash memory, so there is plenty of storage to upgrade with Chess Engines as they become available;
  • ELO levels can be adjusted to play at your level (depending on engine settings);
  • The Chess Board is multi chess engine, so you can select from a number of Chess Engines;
  • The Chess Board will contain three engines at delivery, but can be upgraded with more Chess Engines;
  • Included are Hiarcs and Shredder to ensure you have top performing Chess Engines;
  • As a courtesy of some well known programmers Fruit, Toga and Ruffian are also included;
  • The Chess Board is using the great Piece Recognition Technology from DGT, so analysing and setting up chess positions are simple as that;
  • The Chess Board is based upon the Revelation I Chess Board design, but now has slightly separated stands and they will be in black finish, resulting in a classic modern look;
  • A larger display with double resolution, based upon the newest OLED technology, gives detailed information over the current chess game;
  • The display as well as the led technology around the chess fields to indicate the moves are all made up from a gentle and elegant green lighting;
  • All focus is upon beauty and passion for the chess game, so despite all electronics onboard, you will have a fine, wooden chess board of high quality with great pieces;- For PC communication Bluetooth is available. This way you can upgrade with newest firmware when available or even newer Chess Engines, and upgrades on existing Chess Engines.

We want to highlight the usage for a OLED display, which is a state of the art method of displaying information. It is green, and matches the led signalling on the board.

Extra informatie

New firmware for Revelation II with many new features and improvements has been implemented.

Previously systems were distributed with firmware versions 3.07, 3.09 and 3.11 but now 3.14 has been released.

Automatic start (new game) feature placing the pieces in the starting position, you will hear an acknowledgement in sound.

  • Automatic reverse start (new reversed game) feature placing the pieces in the reverse starting position, you will hear an acknowledgement in sound. You can now play black. This will also work when you switch Revelation II on for the first time.
  • Setup Position, when you press Enter multiple times you can select setting up normal and reverse playing from setup.
  • Improved capturing. For example lifting your pawn, removing the opponent's pawn and placing your pawn on the capture field at the same time is much better accepted.
  • Now 64 engines through UCI server in total are possible. As there 8 engines integrated, a further 56 engines are possible for the UCI Sever.
  • If you have more than 64 engines, Revelation II will ignore the rest of the mentioned engines in the UCI Server.
  • UCI server engine names may not be longer than 16 characters. If you use longer names in the UCI server, the Revelation II will truncate these.
  • GET PGN function is now implemented in the UCI Server.
  • You can now choose another engine after an UCI server engine without problems.
  • You now get a beep from Revelation II on connecting with the UCI server.
  • Added the possibility to use compressed files, to reduce the sending times for an update.
  • Error checking is improved on the upgrade procedure for the Revelation II. Corrupted upgrade files will now be ignored by Revelation II. Also timeout problems are handled.
  • The e-Board mode is greatly improved. Speed in handling is much better, and also clock functions are near to complete.
  • Switching between different modes is improved, you can do this now with CLEAR + ENTER to go to standby and then ENTER to switch on again or ENTER +UP or ENTER +DOWN to switch to e-board or emulation mode.
  • If you install the latest DGT e-Board Driver RabbitPlugin 2.0.24 (32bit or 64bit) LED signaling in the e-Board mode is added for example when playing against Fritz on your PC and using the Revelation II as a DGT e-Board.
  • Move indicator added.
  • Added stability for the Bluetooth connection.
  • Upload speed is improved.

In order for you to download this upgrade you need to register your Revelation Board, "Press the Registration button on the top menu" and follow the instructions, after confirmation you will be able to download the upgrade software. Press the Download button at the top menu and go the updates and find your upgrade.

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Revelation II with Timeless pieces (Refurbished)

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