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Sabotage the Grünfeld A Cutting-edge Repertoire for White based


Grandmaster Larry Kaufman presents a very effective way for White to disrupt the plans and demolish the position of players on the black side of the popular Grünfeld Defense. This aggressive approach, which has sometimes been called the Alekhine Anti-Grünfeld, should appeal to amateurs while being sound enough for elite players to employ.

Kaufman clearly lays out the strategic concepts as well as the concrete variations and presents a wealth of new resources for both White and Black.

Praise for The Kaufman repertoire for Black and White (ISBN 978-90-5691-371-7)

Joe Petrolito, Australasian Chess Magazine:
“A monumental effort and it will set the standard for a one-book opening repertoire for years to come.”

IM Arthur van de Oudeweetering, ChessVibes:
“Occasionally produces a stunning novelty (..) Kaufman focuses on active, strategically sound variations. Pleasant to read and easy to handle. Extremely useful.”

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