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Best Attacking games of 2012-2015 - Arkadij Naiditsch & Csaba Balogh

Publisher: Chess Evolution, 2016, Pages: 235, Paperback
Autors: Arkadij Naiditsch & Csaba Balogh

We are proud to present our first book in a series of 5 — “The best attacking games from 2012-2015”.

Nowadays, many players rely on "computer"evaluations much more than their own "human"understanding. Is this fatal to the rise of a chessplayer?! A chess program should be nothing more than an assistent to our improvemen as chess players. This is wy, in my view, it is more important to develop our understanding of the chess game - and this can be done most effectively by working with a stronger player. In the curren book you have the opportunity to join two super GM's in their thinking procces, and observe the chee game "as it is". 


We are proud to present our first book in a series of 5 — “The best attacking games from 2012-2015”.

It was very interesting work trying to select and analyse the 50 best games from the past 4 years: the choice was so wide! We were aiming to find the most interesting,
spectacular and, of course, useful attacking ideas which might also occur in our own practical games. The main idea behind this book stands out clearly: We try to reduce the importance of opening theory, and rather get inside the workings of the best chess-playing brains on the planet in an attempt to explain the most complex
attacking ideas in a simple and understandable way to any chesslover. Another very important point of the book which we are proud of is, we have not used much ’engine’ assistance during our commentary on the games. We try to see the game the way we would do in a practical game, which makes the commentaries very special - which in practice puts the reader fully in the shoes of the world-class players; this is exactly the best way to improve our own chess level.

Sadly, nowadays, we have more-and-more computer analyses and we can hear chess amateurs judging the play even of Carlsen. Yes, you can find tactical mistakes with an engine at home - but the question is, can you do the same during your practical game over the board ?! Chess is a game where everyone is making mistakes - and this is what it is all about in the current book!

We would advise all our readers to take out a real chessboard and enjoy these beautiful masterpieces. This is how we learned to play chess and this is why
we still enjoy every wonderful game, even after almost 20 years of being professional chess players!

Arkadij Naiditsch & Csaba Balogh

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