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Chessbase Magazine 171

Enjoy the best moments of recent top tournaments (Wijk, Gibraltar and Zürich) with analysis of top players

The editor’s top ten

1. From world champion to chess player: Magnus Carlsen annotates his win against Michael Adams. 
2. Sicilian pearl from Wijk: Fabiano Caruana demonstrates how he outplayed van Wely. 
3. Simple but effective: Sergei Tiviakov introduces 2.d3 as a weapon against the Caro-Kann (video). 
4. Tactics are not just about attacking – in Oliver Reeh’s video the focus is on a Saving Defensive Idea. 
5. Active against 1.d4: Valeri Bronznik reveals to you the subtleties of the Chigorin Defence (1.d4 d5 2.c4 Nc6). 
6. In Rubinstein’s footsteps: Robert Ris presents a surprise weapon against the Blumenfeld Gambit. 
7. The best of Gibraltar: checkmate Short – with the moves of Indian woman player Harika! (interactive video - Move by Move) 
8. Promoted in Wijk thanks to a smashing move: Adhiban shows his spectacular victory over Abasov. 
9. Getting to know Wei Yi: piece sacrifice, attack, mate. Daniel King demonstrates the attack on the king by the Chinese super-talent against David Navara. 
10. Knight or bishop – which is the better blockader? Mihail Marin widens your knowledge about the subject of the "Blockade".

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