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Chessbase magazine - 189

Enjoy top class training in the new ChessBase Magazine layout! Tata Steel 2019 with analyses by Anish Giri, Vishy Anand, Vidit, Peter Svidler etc. Yannick Pelletier, Erwin l'Ami and Mihail Marin present selected games in video format. Plus 11 opening articles with new repertoire ideas, e.g. Dutch with 2.Bg5!?


My Grand Prix Attack

"I don't care if my engine disagrees!"

  • Luke McShane analyses his dynamic exchange sacrifice vs. Samuel Sevian

The Torre Surprise

  • Savour Simon Williams‘ opening video, featuring a novelty in the Torre Attack!

"After 36...h5 I was dancing inside!"

Her inner compass

  • Anna Muzychuk explains how she found the best move — "not sure the engine is 100% right here"

"I had an idea in the Berlin"

Perfect until the end

  • Excel in an attack on the king which works like clockwork, with Oliver Reeh at your side (interactive video)

Najdorf selection

  • In video, Yannick Pelletier presents three tricky Sicilians from the Gibraltar Open

No slow motion chess!

  • Renato Quintiliano’s straightforward 6…d5!? against the Modern Italian thwarts White’s plans for a calm game
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