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Walnut board with Ulbrich pieces (Staunton 6)

Elegant chess set consisting of a walnut board with classic Staunton pieces from Ulbrich Spieldesign. 
The pieces are beautifully finished with a hand-carved knight and a striking, pointed crown for the queen. 

In the pictures we used a board with a field size of 5 cm, but they also look very nice on a 5,5 cm board.
The board is available with and without coordinates and you can choose from black or brown pieces. 

Colour of dark pieces
Size of fields

A combination of luxury walnut board and Staunton pieces from Ulbrich

The board:

- Inlaid walnuts and maple fields, very nice, matte finish
- Field size 5 cm or 5.5 cm
- Meets competition and competition requirements
- With or without coordinates
- Made in Spain byRechapados Ferrer

The pieces:

- Black and white boxwood pieces, or
- Brown and white pieces of Sheesham and boxwood from the firm Ulbrich
- Hand carved horse
- In wooden box
- Size: Staunton 6, king height 9.5 cm
- Double weighted
- Felted

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Walnut board with Ulbrich pieces (Staunton 6)

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