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Blasting Billy


Divide the loot from a bank robbery! But beware… Gang leader Blasting Billy is greedy and wants more loot than you. You only survive if you give the gang leader more than yourself. Other than that, it's every man for himself. Whoever takes the most points and survives Blasting Billy wins the game!

The Wild West in 1860…

As a member of Blasting Billy's savage outlaw gang, you've just completed the bank robbery of a lifetime. The loot is huge. But there is a problem. Gang boss Blasting Billy doesn't like to share! Anyone who claims more loot than Blasting Billy is out of luck.
With Blasting Billy you have to deal cards smartly. The cards come in five suits. Each turn you can choose from three actions: lay the card in front of yourself, donate the card to Blasting Billy by placing it on the table with the correct color pile, or discard the card. At the end of the game it is checked how much Blasting Billy has gained in value per color. Anyone who has a higher card value in a certain suit is immediately out. Whoever stays alive with the highest value wins.
Blasting Billy is a hilarious card game in which bluffing and clever math play a major role. If you can guess what your opponents are up to, you win the game. Do you know how to befriend Blasting Billy?

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Blasting Billy

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