G24 Enclosure Josekis, Takemiya Masaki

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From former Ishi Press, reprint published by The Kiseido Publishing Company.
Original print from 1983, written by Takemiya Masaki 9-dan. Reprint in 2015. 208 pages.
ISBN 978-4-87187-024-5

From the backside of the book:
"This book is a practical guide to the art of invading a corner position where the opponent has already made an enclosure. It covers, in a dictionary format, the basic patterns that come up repeatedly in games.
These patterns are:
The small knight enclosure
The large knight enclosure
The one-space enclosure (from the 3-4 point)
The star-point enclosure

There is also a supplementary chapter on three other common formations.
'Enclosure Josekis' teaches the invader how to live inside the opponent's position by making light and flexible shape. It also shows the defender the proper way to deal with an invasion so that he gets adequate compensation even if the defender lives.
This book will sharpen up your middle game and make you a master of the art of invading."


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G24 Enclosure Josekis, Takemiya Masaki

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