G34 All About Thickness, Ishida Yoshio

Item No.: 100368

From former Ishi Press, reprint published by The Kiseido Publishing Company.
Original print 1990, written by Ishida Yoshio 9-dan. Reprint in 2015. 194 pages.
Sub-title: Understanding Moyo and Influence.
ISBN 978-4-87187-034-0

From the backside of the book:
" Most go books are top heavy with text and endless explanatory diagrams. Ishida's approach in this book is the opposite - large diagrams, simple explanations, a minimum of mind-numbing text - yet this is the most successful attempt in the go literature to convey to go players of all levels the secrets of building thickness and making effective use of influence.

How do you build thickness? What areas of the board should you aim to control? In which direction do stones exert their force? How close should you approach a strong enemy position? How many points can you expect to convert a thick position into? The answers to these and many other questions will be apparent at a glance when you read this book.

'All about Thickness', the first book of its kind, was a best-seller in Japan. Go players around the world should find the English version just as enlightening as Japanese go fans."

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G34 All About Thickness, Ishida Yoshio

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