O5 Train like a pro, vol. 1+2+answers

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Problems for ambitious players. Set of 3 books: volume 1, 2, answers

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Korea is the country with the highest density of go players of the world. This is for a large part due to their high developed system of education. These are the books developed in Korea for training ambitious players.

The author Kim Sung-Rae has a masters degree in Education and is a professional go player as well. He is a lecturer at the Meong-yi university faculty of Baduk.

The books contains problems on the following subject: close combat, opening, joseki, endgame, joseki, whole board. The answers are in a separate booklet. Together with the answers booklet, this is an ideal tool for self study. In Korea this way of studying, solving problems, is considered the most effective way of advancing one's playing strength. For ambitious and/or strong players only.

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O5 Train like a pro, vol. 1+2+answers

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