Gokyo Shumyo - Hayashi Genbi / Antti Törmänen

By Hayashi Genbi, edited by Antti Törmänen, engl., 332 p.

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Gokyō Shūmyō is one of the most famous collections of Go problems. It contains 520 classic Tesuji problems compiled and published by Hayashi Genbi in 1812. Its content is divided into Life, Catch, Ko, Semeai, Connect, Oi-otoshi, Slicing, and Stairs categories.
This English edition of Gokyō Shūmyō is the first of its kind. Until now, Western Go players have relied on the Asian editions of the book to understand its contents. In addition to adding English comments to Problem, this release corrects dozens of errors in the source material and ranks the problems by difficulty. The editor Antti Törmänen is himself a professional player with the Japan Go Federation.
The tasks in this book cover a wide range of skill levels, from 9-kyu to pro-level. The book is primarily intended for dan players and those aspiring to rise to the rank of dan, but readers of almost any skill level will be able to find appropriate content in the book to learn about the game for themselves.

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Gokyo Shumyo - Hayashi Genbi / Antti Törmänen

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