Millennium eONE

Online chess on a real board

eONE is an electronic chess board specially designed for players who like to play online chess, and who want to get back the real, authentic game feeling.
Moves are entered comfortably on the electronic sensor board with real pieces. The moves are transmitted in real time via Bluetooth or USB to compatible apps, online platforms or chess programs.

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Here are the highlights:

  • Sensor chessboard with fully automatic move detection.
  • 81 LEDs in the chess board show the moves of the opponent
  • Lithium battery, Bluetooth and USB-C interface directly built in.

Compatible with all ChessLink compatible chess programs:

  • Online play on Lichess.org with ChessLink app or WhitePawn (Android & iOS).
  • Play online on Chess.com with the Chess.com App
  • Play online on Tornleo.com with Windows PC
  • Hiarcs Chess Explorer on Windows & Mac
  • Hiarcs Chess Explorer on iOS
  • Chess for Android for Android mobile devices
  • LucasChess (Now also on Windows with Bluetooth!), Arena and many more community projects

No other eBoard with LED move display currently supports a comparable number of chess applications!

What else?

  • Perfect size for always & everywhere: 12" / 31 x 31 cm large
  • Completely new design for board and pieces
  • Very long battery life
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Millennium eONE

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