Chess on the Haarlemmerplein

Glad you scanned the code! Do you want to play a game of chess but don't have any pieces with you? Come and get chess pieces at Schaak en Gowinkel het Paard (€ 5,- Deposit). Haarlemmerdijk 173. Wanna play after 6pm? You can get your pieces at Theatercafé Spinoza, Haarlemmerplein 11h.

Off course you can also use your own pieces.

The basic rules:

There are six different pieces in chess, each of which moves in its own way.

The King - Moves straight or diagonally in all directions, but only one square at a time.
The lady - Goes diagonally and straight, forwards, backwards and sideways, as many squares as she wants.
The rook - Moves straight, forward, backward or sideways, as many squares as he wants.
The bishop - Moves diagonally, forwards and backwards, as many squares as he wants.
The knight - Moves one square diagonally and one square straight in all directions. The knight is the only piece allowed to jump over other pieces.
The pawn - May only move forward. On the first move, he may choose between one or two forward spaces. After that, he may only advance one space at a time. The pawn moves differently than it moves: a square diagonally forward. A pawn that comes across changes into another piece of the same suit. He may choose any piece, but not the king.
Capture - A piece captures a piece of the other suit by standing on the square of the captured piece. The captured piece disappears from the board.
Castling - Castling is a special move. On this move, the king takes two steps to the left or right in the direction of the rook. Then the rook jumps over the king and stands next to the king on the other side.

Goal of the game:

The player who can capture the opponent's king wins the game. If one of your pieces can capture the king in the next move, say “CHECK”! If the king cannot move in any direction, he is CHECKMATE and the game is over.

Starting position

At the bottom right of the table you see the order of the pieces at the starting position.

With these rules you can play a game of chess!  Have fun!


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