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WeiQi in Culture, Volume 1: Introductory Teaching Lectures by Wu SongSheng, 9 dan - Item PAY41
  • This book covers to cultivate sentiment, to develop of wisdom and to make friends playing weiqi. This book also covers the surrounding of territory, concept of surround and counter-surround, processing of thoughts exchange, building of the character of the superior player, forming the elegant shape/the window that activates the essence of art, the advancement of moral character and will-power, etc. 83 pages, ISBN 1-889554-95-2

An Introduction to Weiqi

Editor's Note

Lesson 1-A two-player game

Lesson 2-The Surrounding of Territory

Lesson 3-The Concept of Surround and Counter-Surround

Lesson 4-The Process of Thoughts Exchange

Lesson 5-The Building of the Character of the Superior Player

Lesson 6-The Development of Intellectual Skill

Lesson 7-Unlimited Fun

Lesson 8-The Development of Imitation / The Foundation of Memorization Power

Lesson 9-The Cradle of Forming a Broad View

Lesson 10-Forming the Elegant Shape / The Window that Activates the Essence of Art

Lesson 11-A Fair Competition

Lesson 12-Serenity and Calmness / The Growth of Wisdom

Lesson 13-Thought Improvement Laboratory

Lesson 14-The Advancement of Moral Character and Will-Power

Lesson 15-The Development of Power, Comprehension and Application

Lesson 16-The Arithmetical Progression abd Strengthening Workshop

Lesson 17-The Nuturing of Fighting on Your Own and Taking Matters into Your Own Hands

Lesson 18-The Path of Elevating One's Self-Confidence

Lesson 19-Distinct Train of Thought and Exact Calculation / The Means to Cultivate Outstanding Talent

Lesson 20-Iconic Culture in a Silent World

Lesson 21-Spiritual World / Immortal Youth


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pay41 Weiqi in culture, Wu Songheng

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