The Art of Shogi

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The art of shogi is the first ever English Shogibook that covers all aspects of the game.

By Tony Hosking.

288 pages, 274 diagrams.

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The first comprehensive guide to Japanese chess in English for complete beginner and advanced (dan) player. Included is:

  • an account of professional shogi in Japan (currently 20 million Japanese play!)
  • an in-depth guide to strategy and openings (plus handicap games)
  • 108 annotated professional game references, including the first 8 title games outside Japan
  • comparison and brief history of shogi and orthodox chess, which share the objective of checkmate and some similar movement of pieces (kings, rooks, bishops, knights and pawns). Captured shogi pieces change sides and can reenter play, making nearly every game exciting and decisive!

First Seven Crowns title holder Yoshiharu Habu says:

"On reading 'The Art of Shogi' I was very surprised and pleased with its content of shogi history, teaching the rules, explanation of a lot of tactics, and introduction to openings and professional systems which is very wide and deep. I think beginners will understand clearly and quickly. I hope many people will play shogi outside Japan, and I sincerely recommend this book."

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The Shogi Foundation,
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The Art of Shogi

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