Dictionary of basic Tesuji vol.2 - Fujisawa Shuko

Fujisawa Shuko's Dictionary of Basic Tesuji is neither a dictionary nor limited to tesuji; it is rather, as Charles Matthews puts it, the "current standard work" collecting and categorizing moves by function, not form. It was originally published in 1978 in two volumes by the Nihon Kiin; an English translation in four volumes by Steve Bretherick? was published by Slate and Shell between 2004 and 2007.

The book is divided into sections based upon the goal to be achieved: tesuji for "separating", tesuji for "pressing down", etc. (see the table of contents below.) At the start of each section are a few paragraphs explaining the goal and its role in a game. The text is followed by a list of methods (tesuji) that may be used to achieve that goal. The "Separating" section, for instance, includes "one-space jump descent," "solid descent," "sideways bump," and fifteen others, each with its own theme diagram and single paragraph text description.

Following the list of methods in each section is a selection of problems, some of which are taken from classic problem collections: Katsugo ShinpyoGokyo ShumyoGuanzi Pu, and even Igo Hatsuyoron. The problems are interspersed with examples from real games.

The book is not presented as a narrative continuity; the volumes of the series, and the sections within the volumes, may be read independently of each other. There is also no progression in level or difficulty as the series progresses. This series could be considered to be dan-level, but many of the techniques it presents can be useful to strong kyu players.

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Table of Contents (English edition)

Volume 2: Tesuji for Defending

  • Connecting, 1
  • Developing, 18
  • Escaping, 41
  • Making Shape, 61
  • Taking Sente, 89
  • Managing Stones Lightly, 110
  • Striking Back, 132
  • Defending Against Multiple Threats, 152
  • Solidifying a Base, 169
  • Linking Up, 189
  • Resisting with Ko, 216
  • Brilliant Tesuji in Classic Games, 241

The volume contains 170 problems.

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Dictionary of basic Tesuji vol.2 - Fujisawa Shuko

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