New in Chess 2016 #3

New in Chess Magazine #3, 2016


Dreams and Plans
What happened 13 years, 7 months and 16 days after Sergey Karjakin became a Grandmaster?

Object of Affection
The stunning ivory chess set that Man Ray made for his wife Juliet is for sale at just €225,000

NIC's Café
Magnus, the movie. Mikhail Tal, the movie. Finding Irina Krush. Donald Trump hands out fake money to a chess school. Lothar Schmid's heirs are selling. What is Bobby Fischer doing in the Panama Papers?

Your Move
Paul Benko meets Trump and hears how long The Donald estimates it would take him to become a GM.

A surprising perspective: measuring the Candidates' players' performance move-by-move.

Fair & Square
What Stanley Kubrick, Sophie Kinsella, Kazuo Ishiguro, Ray Charles and others said about chess.

Karjakin wins Candidates'
Dirk Jan ten Geuzendam's inside report from Moscow: great games, lousy organization and why Nakamura thinks Anand is the second greatest player in history. With exclusive annotations by Karjakin, Giri, Caruana, and Wesley So.

Celeb 64
Bob Dylan, chess player.

Maximize Your Tactics
Train your tactical skills with Russian expert Maxim Notkin.

Interview: Sergey Karjakin
The Candidates' winner reveals (a) the critical change in his life that brought him to where he is now, and (b) how his decision to cancel Norway Chess was only partly inspired by vengeance on the organizers.

Judit Polgar's column
How she had to learn to accept that there can be a proper game with the Queens off the board.

A Tactical Feast
Mihail Marin on a rather shocking discovery: Alexander Alekhine played computer moves!

Chess Pattern Recognition
Why the move ... Nh5 is often a lot better than it looks

Hou Yifan regains title
The World Champion annotates her best game from the match in Lviv and speaks frankly about efforts to unsettle her psychologically during the match and why she will no longer play in women's knockout events.

Parimarjan's Chess Gym
The fine technique of confronting your opponent with a shocking move.

Nigel Short on his adventures in Australia: did he set a unique record with his win in Ballarat?

A Tal idea against the Caro-Kann on the 5th move.

Indian Summer in Iceland
Simen Agdestein's brilliant and highly personal report on the Reykjavik Open. Winner Abhijeet Gupta analyses his game against Nis Grandelius.

Groundhog Day
Hans Ree read Daniel Gormally's brutally honest book 'Insanity, Passion and Addiction'.

An Endless Journey
Jan Timman discusses some recent endgames that you can draw lessons from.

Sadler on Books
Matthew Sadler reviews two books: 'The Power of Pawns' by Hickl, and Chess Informant 126. And two DVD's: 'Learning from the World Champions' by Tiviakov, and 'World Champion Perspective' by Anand.

Just Checking
What was Paul Hoffman's best result ever?

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New in Chess 2016 #3

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