G35 The Great Joseki Debates, Kunihisa Honda

Artikelnr: 100383

Voormalig Ishi Press, nieuwe herdruk uitgegeven door The Kiseido Publishing Company.
Geschreven door Kunihisa Honda 9-dan. Oorspronkelijke druk 1992, herdruk uit 2015. 258 pagina's.

ISBN 978-4-87187-035-1

Informatie van achterflap:
"Learning joseki is an important step on the road to mastering Go. However, learning how to choose the winning joseki is even more important.
This book bridges the gap between fuseki, the opening moves of the game, and joseki.
By playing a joseki you ensure that you avoid mistakes. But the corner interacts with the rest of the board, and the biggest mistake of all may have been the joseki that you chose.

Here a master of the game presents 24 typical opening situations. In each situation the author proposes 3 different strategies for play in one of the corners, and then analyses the whole board situation.
Although locally all 3 moves are plausible, that is to say they are josekis, from the whole board point of view only one of the strategies is superior. The preferred and inferior moves are then analyzed in great detail.
From these examples you will gain an insight into when and why one joseki is better than another."



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G35 The Great Joseki Debates, Kunihisa Honda

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