After Joseki & Fuseki - Kim Sung Rae

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By Kim Sung Rae, engl., 489 p.

This book contains two books former published stand­­alone by the Korean author Kim Sung Rae 4p. Since their content complements each other perfectly, we have decided to republish both books in a single volume.
In After Joseki, the author presents numerous joseki positions and shows where the later attack and weak points are hidden in these positions. While most joseki books end with the final position of the joseki, this book shows how these josekis will work throughout the game. Thus, the reader learns to better assess joseki for the opening – he can also select them more purposefully with regard to possible later middlegame battles. But also in the middlegame, he can better recognize his own or his opponent‘s aji (potential) and use it to his own advantage.
In After Fuseki (former title: After Openings), the author deals mainly with positions after corner enclosures (shimari) and expansions on the edge. Many players are familiar with how to demarcate territory sensibly in the opening, but how to invade correctly in such demarcated positions and use the still existing aji is not so well known. It is precisely at this point that After Fuseki aims to help find an appropriate transition from the opening to the middlegame.

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After Joseki & Fuseki - Kim Sung Rae

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