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Informator 116 met CD-Rom



“Garry’s Choice 115” - 4th edition - exclusive column by Garry Kasparov. The 13th World champion dissects top games of modern chess/ in English

“Old Wine in New Bottles” - Expert classroom by well-known author GM Mihail Marin, in English

“Top Three” - exclusive, deep annotations by world top players, Dmitry Jakovenko, Sergey Rublevsky and Ernesto Inarkiev/ in English

One country - Greece, textual annotations by GMs Halkias, D.Mastrovasils, A.Mastrovasilis and Kapnisis / , in English

“CI Labs 116” - Eight theoretical surveys with original analyses by GM’s

  • B33 Mista
  • B47 Ivanisevic
  • B90 Perunovic
  • C47 D.Mastrovasilis
  • C72 Shankland
  • D17 Sundararajan
  • E12 Sanikidze
  • E39 Sumets

Rising Stars - World Youth champion Dariusz Swiercz, Portrait with two exclusive annotations

Guest column by BCM, annotated game by David Howell, in English

Portrait of Etienne Bacrot - The best from his career so far, in Informant non-language style

Games - traditional section with 200+ annotated games, Morozevich, Efimenko, Volokitin, Shankland, Bartel, Macieja, Tiviakov, Roiz, Sulskis, Berg, Rublevsky, Inarkiev, etc. / in Informant non-language style

Problems column - In memoriam Milan Velimirovic

Standard Informant content: Contest for the best game and novelty, Combinations, Endings, Excellent moves, Studies by Y.Afek, Tournaments report...

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