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It's 1892. The bank in Repentance Springs has been raided. Many innocent civilians, including Sheriff Anton Dreyfus and schoolteacher Sue Dagget, were gruesomely killed in the hail of bullets as the robbers shot wildly on their way out of the once peaceful town.
Colonel Ned McReady and his men are tasked with the task of stopping Jack Colty - a ruthless bandit who would even steal a fly from a blind spider - and stop his gang once and for all.

- Perfectly themed card game set in the Wild West.
- Each player has his own unique deck of cards with different possibilities than his opponent.
- Different win conditions per player: requires different tactics and different ways of playing.
- Short texts and clear icons on cards make the game easy to play and clear.
- Cards have beautiful illustrations and titles that could come straight from a western movie.
- Lots of direct player interaction and high replayability.

Players: 2

Age: 12+

Duration: 45 minutes

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