Candy Lab

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Collect the right candies
The machines are running at full speed in the candy factory. In the game Candy Lab there is a conveyor belt with colored candy canes in front of the players.

How do you play the Candy Lab game?
The players collect candies to fulfill orders (mission cards).

1) They can take candies by discarding cards. After taking a candy cane, they may perform the action marked on the candy. This may include drawing a card (from the deck or from a player), swapping cards, stealing candy from someone, or discarding a player's top card.

2) When returning a candy cane, the players may draw additional cards from their hand.

When the last candy is collected or when the draw pile is used up, the game ends. The player who currently has the most points wins the Candy Lab game.

Game material
The game Candy Lab contains very nice game material. The 'candies' are transparent sticks in three different colors (blue, rose, yellow). It's a game to enjoy!

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Candy Lab

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