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Hanafuda - Sakura

Hanafuda is a very old tra­di­tional and pop­u­lar Ja­pan­ese card game, which has had many mod­ern in­carn­a­tions. The name Hanafuda does not refer to a single spe­cific game, trans­lated lit­er­ally, it means "flower game". Many games have been cre­ated based on the icon­o­graphy of the ori­ginal Hanafuda, and al­though each game has its dis­tinct name, they are often col­lect­ively re­ferred to as the Hanafuda gen­eric label. For this edi­tion, and to fol­low Koï Koï, we chose the very pop­u­lar ver­sion of Hawaii: the Sak­ura. Sim­pler than Koï Koï, Sak­ura has the ad­vant­age of hav­ing the same cap­ture sys­tem with, in ad­di­tion, the abil­ity to play up to 7 play­ers.

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