Trek 12 Amazonië

1 - 50 spelers
Leeftijd 8+
15 min.


Explore uncharted and mysterious lands: can you thwart their dangers? Map undiscovered areas, trace new trails in the rainforest, and observe the vivid flora and fauna.

Trek 12 Amazonie is a roll-and-write exploration game, with evolutive gameplay and content. Every player plays simultaneously. To score points, you have to create trials (chains of consecutive numbers) and zones (areas of a same number) and to observe the fauna. The player who scores the most win.

During their turn, a player rolls dice and chooses the result to create trials and zones. They can also observe animals to get bonus points. But be careful to avoid as many bad encounters as you can.

Their are two game modes:

  • The “Exploration” mode for an easy and quick game with other players while discovering Amazonia’s secrets.
  • The “Solo” mode is also an Exploration mode… for one player, so that you can enjoy the game with Max, the renowned adventurer: go grab your fly swatter and your backpack!
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Trek 12 Amazonië

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