How to play go the AI way - Yamada Shinji

december 2020
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This book is intended for amateurs in go who would like to learn and employ the modern AI style. The AI style may seem confusing because there are so many tactics far away from traditional thinking. But the study of the new techniques introduced by AI has already lead to their rapid spread and adoption. Today they are applied by pros almost as a matter of course. This book summarizes the findings from the study of AI techniques and explains them in illustrative diagrams. "I wrote this book with a lot of enthusiasm and I hope that this way everybody can profit from the insights of my studies. I am very happy to be able to witness this important turning point towards a new era, in which an AI can defeat humans in the game of go. Engaging with the AI style has given me joy like I have never felt before in go. I hope this kind of joy will be conveyed and passed on through the book." Yamada Shinji

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How to play go the AI way - Yamada Shinji

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