Een strategisch dierenspel voor twee spelers. Plaats je dieren juist en scoor zo punten.


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In Kiwara, two groups of animals compete for space in the savanna, claiming points when they dominate a territory, but the value of a space depends on who's in it!

The game board features six territories — two each of three, five, and seven spaces — with rivers dividing all of the territories. Each player has fifteen animals tokens in their color. One player places the totem on a space outside the 6x5 board, then players alternate taking turns. On a turn, a player:

• Places one of their animal tokens in an empty space in the row or column adjacent to the totem.
• Moves the totem 1-3 spaces clockwise. (If all spaces in these rows or columns are full, the player moves the totem to the first row with an empty space.)

If a lion is placed orthogonally adjacent to zebras or gazelles, then the zebras are turned face down (yum!) while the gazelles are returned to their owners. If a player must place a zebra or gazelle adjacent to a lion, these tokens are placed face down.

  • Age 8 - 99  
  • 2 players
  • 30 minutes
  • English
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