King Fridge

Ages: 7+

2-6 players

30 minutes

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King Fridge is a fast & strategic card game with toxic tortillas, panic pancakes and more......

All players start with four fridge cards face down in front of them, of which two may be seen once. Players take turns drawing new fridge cards, and optionally swapping them for their own. Using actions and special cards, every player tries to collect fridge cards holding dishes with low scores, while getting rid of the ones with high scores. Annoying allergies create an extra challenge! You can get an edge by being alert and sabotaging other players.

Once you are convinced the fridge cards in front of you hold a lower total score than the other players’, you may claim King Fridge. A wrongful claim will be penalized, while legitimate claims get rewarded. The player with the lowest total score after three rounds is crowned the true King Fridge.

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King Fridge

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