Dominion (Basis)

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Dominion is one of the few expert games that you can play in half an hour.



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You have been crowned king of a beautiful small country, but unfortunately there are disputes with surrounding states. Several princes try to expand their kingdom at the expense of each other.

In Dominion you try to form as strong a deck as possible during the game, so that you have the most points at the end of the game. The cards in your deck keep rotating from your draw pile to your hand, after which they go to your discard pile. When your draw pile is empty, shuffle your discard pile so that you have another draw pile. Each turn you may perform 1 action and make 1 purchase. The different cards in your hand help you with this or can increase this number. Money cards are your capital for that turn. You can't do anything on your turn with point cards, but you eventually need them to win the game.

Happiness: 3/5; Tactics: 4/5; Bluff: 1/5.

2-4 players
From 8 years old
Playing time: approx. 30 minutes
999 games
Author: Donald X. Vaccarino

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Dominion (Basis)

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